Even if you’re not on a budget, it’s hard to resist a good flight deal. Nothing makes my day better than a good deal…and a cup of coffee (okay and some cookies…but lets not get distracted). What if I told you that not only is it possible to get a cheap flight but it is also possible to get a free mini vacation out of it? Now, I have your attention.

How are airlines able to offer great flight deals? Here’s a few of the many different factors:

  1. It’s off season for that particular destination. Perhaps the weather isn’t ideal or it’s right before or after a major holiday/event
  2. It’s a last minute flight and there are still seats available
  3. The arrival and departure times are crazy…really late at night or early in the morning
  4. There are ridiculously long layovers

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In this post we will focus on number 4: Ridiculously long layovers.

This, my friends, is the key to adding another destination to your trip when you are short on time. What in the world am I talking about? I went to Brazil in December 2015. Flights were both expensive and inconvenient due to the holidays. I finally found a flight that was in my price range due to a long layover in Bogota. This was the jackpot. Not only did I save hundreds of dollars, I also got a free trip to Bogota (24 hours in the city) included in the price. I simply checked in my bags to my final destination, packed a small carry on with extra clothes, and reserved a hotel for the night. Though I was only able to get a high level overview of the city, it was worth it to have the opportunity to experience another culture.

How can you do this? It’s very simple. When you go to find flights for your trip, simply click on the details and look for itineraries that have long layovers in a city that interests you. As long as the layover is over four hours, you have time to get out and stretch your legs even if it is just checking out a local restaurant. If the layover is overnight, find a hotel, hostel, airbnb, couchsurf, etc and do your research so that you are prepared for the few precious hours you have in your free destination.

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Happy traveling!


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  1. I’ve only considered layovers to be an inconvenience. This. Changes. Everything.

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