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You can never spend enough time in Seville, Spain but with three days you can get an overview of some of the main sights and the local culture. My sister and I had the opportunity to spend six incredible months here and we have included the best of the best in this itinerary.

Day 1: The Major Sites

Check into your hotel early in the morning. If your rooms aren’t ready, ask to leave your luggage so that you can begin sightseeing. The city center is incredibly compact so if you stay here you won’t have to worry about transportation.

If you haven’t already eaten breakfast (or if you want a second one, go ahead I won’t judge), head to one of the many cafes for a bite to eat. A bit out of the way but well known for their churros con chocolate, a must in Seville, is Bar El Comercio.

Churros con chocolate are life changing

Two other great places located in Los Remedios on Calle Asuncion are Granier and Café Del Valle (located off of Asuncion on Calle Virgen del Valle). Granier has exceptional cappuccinos but I would personally recommend the Café Bonbon if you have a sweet tooth. Delectable AND desserty. For breakfast, try the toast with tomato spread or a muffin. Not to ruin the surprise for you but as a further enticement, each muffin has a creamy filled center. Café del Valle is my personal favorite—say hello to the barista, Jesus, for me! I loved every cappuccino I ordered there, especially the hazelnut but the real winners are the vanilla chai latte (iced or hot) and chocolate frappuccino. The chocolate frappe comes with thick whipped cream, a sprinkle of candy, and a cookie stick. For breakfast, they have toast with various topping but my all time favorite was the chorizo and brie. HIGHLY recommend—to the point where I actually skipped my morning classes on occasion JUST to eat this breakfast.

Please tell me this isn’t the most perfect thing you’ve seen

After breakfast check out the Cathedral, the largest Gothic cathedral in the world.

The stunning cathedral and a peak at the Giralda

After you’ve toured the breathtaking cathedral, head to the Giralda. The Giralda is the bell tower located right next to the Cathedral. It was the former minaret of the mosque that stood on the site under Muslim rule and was converted into a bell tower after the Reconquista. Head to the top of the tower, an easy climb, for beautiful views of the city.

Sigh. I miss this

Next up is the Royal Alcazar of Seville. This was originally a Moorish fort build in the 10th century. It is the best example of Mudejar architectural style in Spain and a must see. Stroll through the beautiful palace rooms and the gardens to be transported back in time. Also, if you are a Game of Thrones fan, this is where Kingdom of Dorne is filmed.

Do you feel like royalty yet?

Perfect time for lunch. You’ve earned it. Follow your nose to any of the many cafes and settle down for big lunch to give you some energy for the rest of the day. A recommendation  near the Cathedral for lunch is Iguanas Ranas. Okay okay, so it is not Spanish food nor is it the best Mexican food of your life but when you are like me and absolutely obsessed with Mexican, even on vacation you have to satisfy your craving. I loved the vegetarian enchiladas and margaritas. If you want a little Italian, San Marco will never disappoint. Located in Barrio Santa Cruz, behind the Cathedral, the pesto ravioli and goat cheese pizza will make your mouth water.

Look at how beautiful the restaurant is

After lunch, walk towards the Guadalquivir river. Your destination is the historic Torre del Oro that is home to a compelling maritime museum.

That tower behind my head is your destination, friends

After you visit the Torre, cross over to Triana and spend the rest of the afternoon exploring this neighborhood. If you want to return to Triana after dinner, there is a great outdoor bar lounge that became practically a second home when I studied abroad. Located across the bridge, it is called SoHo and features fantastic cocktails for a reasonable price (around 6 euros). I personally loved the caipirinha and they knew how to make them STRONG. If you are a fan of hookah, this is also the place. Order a grape mint hookah and a caipirinha, sit back on a lounge chair, and enjoy the view of the river with some good friends.

Locals don’t eat dinner until the evening so take some time to head back to your hotel and freshen up for dinner. Time to eat some fantastic Spanish food. Bodega Santa Cruz and Los Coloniales are two of your best tapas bets. Both of these almost always have a line out the door so check the hours and get there right as it opens. Thankfully Los Coloniales is one of the few restaurants in Seville (and possibly all of Spain) that has incredibly fast service. And if you go… Order the almond chicken and spinach croquettes or you will regret it forever. Post dinner, check out Calle Alfalfa for some drinks. If you are only in the mood for a bar scene, be aware that Calle Alfalfa is one of the few places in Seville that closes early. Most bars close around 2 am (yes, that is early for Spain) since everyone heads to the clubs then.

Day 2: Falling in Love with Seville

Wake up, pinch yourself to understand that this is reality and you are in Seville, and prepare yourself for your second day in this enchanting city. Don’t forget to grab your camera!

First up is a visit to Plaza de Espana. Take a few moments to gawk at the beautiful plaza before making your rounds and exploring the beautiful monuments.

If you have the time, take a paddleboat around the plaza. They are only 5 euros and it is a fun thing to do with family or friends.

Afterwards, check out Parque Luisa (right next to the plaza). You can rent a four-person bike and tour the park this way. Try not to run into the walls if you are the person steering (trust me this is from personal experience). We used to love taking a small picnic there to lay out in the afternoon but be careful of flying soccer balls and running kids.

Next, it’s time to stroll through Santa Cruz, a neighborhood located close to the Cathedral. Spend some time getting lost in these streets. The neighborhood boasts an eclectic assortment of cafes, boutiques, and bars. After you get your full of this captivating barrio, chose a spot for lunch and rest your weary feet.

If you like milkshakes, smoothies, or fruit parfaits, Milk Away is a great stop, especially on a hot day. Located just a little beyond this barrio, it is small and tucked away in between two other stores so look carefully. Another place to cool off and enjoy a milkshake is Amorino. They are located everywhere in Seville, especially in the El Centro area. Their gelato is delectable but the real gem are the milkshakes. They are a little overpriced but if you get one, I suggest a vanilla and hazelnut gelato mix. I drank it so fast, I think I alarmed my friends. Oops.

If you are interested in artwork, head to the Museo de Bellas Artes. On Sundays there is a market set up featuring local paintings and sketches in all sorts of styles and price ranges. Save room in your suitcase for an art piece!

End your sightseeing for the day with the giant mushrooms in Plaza Encarnacion, now known as the Metropol Parasol, where one of the most modern works of architecture is located. Before you head to the top, grab some ice cream at La Abuela. Once you reach the top, enjoy a drink at the bar with a view of the city.

Spend the rest of the afternoon gathering souvenirs and checking out some of the European fashion before dinner.

After a delicious dinner, head to La Carboneria in Santa Cruz for some Flamenco. The entrance is free and there is a daily show at 11 pm. La Carboneria also carries Agua de Seville.  It is rumored to pack a punch as it has four kinds of liquor, champagne, pineapple juice, and cream. I’ll let you judge the level of its potency for yourself.

Day 3: The Pursuit of Happiness

Your last day of Seville is dedicated to making sure you saw everything on your list. Make that your first priority.

What’ll it be today? Try a relaxing cruise down the Guadalquivir or rent a paddle boat if you want more of an exercise. You can bring food and drinks aboard the paddle boat so stop at any store and grab your beverage of choice and some crackers and cheese for the ride.

This is how we spent my 21st birthday 🙂

If you are interested in ruins, catch a bus to Italica to see the Roman ruins just outside of Seville. This is a well preserved site and was home of emperors Trajan and Hadrian.

Looking for an easy day trip? Hop on a bus to Ronda, located a little under two hours from Seville. Ernest Hemingway wrote that it is the most romantic town in Spain

Spend your last evening getting a drink at the outdoor bar on top of Hotel Dona Maria with a view of the Cathedral and all of the lights. Drinks can be a little pricy but the view is worth it. Another worthy rooftop is Boston in El Centro. Again, a little pricey but it has great vibes and a great view.

You just can’t beat this view

No matter how you choose to spend your last day, you are sure to leave a piece of your heart in Seville.

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