Lets be real, one of the most important aspects of traveling is food. Sometimes I plan my entire trip around food and which restaurants I’m going to try. When I travel, I view the amount of meals I have as limited opportunities to try some great food and I don’t want to waste a single one (some people call this an obsession…I call this being smart). I’ll save you some of the research right now. Here are some of the best restaurants in Rio de Janeiro that you should put on your list for your next trip.

Brazilian steakhouse

Okay, so maybe you’ll have to do a little research on this one. That’ s because there’s plenty in varying price ranges so it really depends on you. If you have a bottomless pit for a stomach and enjoy eating your weight in meat, this is a must do and is well worth every penny. As a vegetarian, I still enjoyed visiting the steakhouse because their salad bar was not only fresh but boasted a colorful assortment of food. The waiters also made sure to bring out vegetarian friendly sides for me so if you’re a vegetarian, you don’t have to hang back while your carnivorous friends check out a local steakhouse

Santa Satisfação

This is a great, quaint place for brunch located in Copacabana. The café is vibrant and inviting and there is both indoor and outdoor seating. The prices are reasonable and the menu contains a variety of different options for any palate. A must try is their coffee milkshake! It was absolute heaven. Munch on the flavorful roasted espresso beans when you’re done with the delicious beverage.

6 of the Best Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro
I want this every single morning
6 of the Best Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro
I had this yummy salad too


We stumbled upon this little café during a shopping adventure through Ipanema. If you have any sort of sweet tooth whatsoever this place is for you! Be careful, it’s easy to overdo it here. The café has some savory treats but what you’re really after is the assortment of cookies, brownies, and other sweet treats. We decided to get a warm brownie topped with gooey Nutella, layered with a cookie, and finished off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate drizzle (go hard or go home, my friends). Needless to say we went straight into a food coma after that one

6 of the Best Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro
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La Calaca

Okay, I know you’re in Brazil so you may not be craving Mexican cuisine but if you are a Mexican food fanatic like me (hello…nice to meet you, I’m president of this club), this place is for you. Opened by an expat couple, this little restaurant in Leblon invites you to enjoy some flavorful Mexican dishes. I had a vegetarian burrito which was both hearty and delicious. I also recommend the empanadas and the papas bravas. They also have a wide variety of drink choices, so let this be your first stop before a fun night out.

Boulangerie Guerin

Looking for a delicious and fast breakfast? This little French bakery in Copacabana will satisfy your cravings. Enjoy warm, toasted sandwiches and little French pastries. If you love coffee, a must have is their cappuccino. Make sure to grab a few tarts to go too!

6 of the Best Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro

Gula Gula

Located just a few blocks from the beach, the Ipanema branch is an excellent choice. They feature fine salads beyond the classics such as fresh local fruits and veggies mixed into curried quinoa or organic palm heart with watercress and raisins. There are plenty of non salad options too, in particular this place has some delicious pasta. If you are a mushroom lover, be sure to get their mushroom pasta. It was heaven. I practically licked the plate clean. I also devoured it before I could snap a photo. This happens to be more often than you would think. Oops

I’m not going to lie, I was drooling as I wrote this post. There’s nothing I love more than a good meal.

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