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Want to contribute an article to share your own travel experiences? You can be a part of an awesome community to encourage and equip busy girls to travel. 

How can you become a Champagne Flight contributor?

Whether you want to share one post or become a regular contributor, the process is simple! Just follow the below steps

  1. Search Champagne Flight for your post idea to make sure it hasn't already been published
  2. Be sure your article quality is high. Take a look at the blog to get an idea of minimum words. Your article needs to cover the topic in detail. I mean, how is someone supposed to take an epic trip if your travel guide leads them to a fantastic city and then just leaves them hanging
  3. Images speak a thousand words. Add them to ensure your article is that much more awesome. Just make sure they are relevant and high quality

What kind of posts are we looking for?

If you take a look around the blog you'll get a pretty good idea of the topics we are interested in. But here's a list to get you started. Feel free to submit something that doesn't fit into these categories

  1. Destination Travel Guides 
  2. One Day in a City Itineraries 
  3. Inspiration Pieces (think...what story do you have that would inspire an awesome girl like you to travel)
  4. Solo Female Travel 
  5. Travel Tips
  6. Budget Travel Tips
  7. Packing Essentials 

Ready for the next steps? Use the form below to send us a message with your article ideas. If it's a travel guide you can just say "One day in Paris" or "Argentina Travel Guide" and we'll get the picture. But if you want to write about how awesome of a girl boss you are and about that trip you took flying down the autobahn in a BMW in Germany then give us a little more context and detail. 

If your idea is approved, we will create a brand new guest author profile for you & you can submit the post from the Champagne Flight dashboard. You'll be able to create your own bio and link back to your own blog or social media accounts. Plus you'll have the utmost satisfaction that you just became a part of something bigger and that you're doing your part to inspire busy girls around the globe. You're so badass.