Planning a Trip

So you don't know the first thing about planning a trip? Maybe you've used a travel agent all along or you just haven't really taken any trips and want to get started. I'll let you in on a little secret, it's not hard! I completely understand how planning a trip can be daunting but, with a few tips/tricks as well as leveraging this blog, you'll be on your way to planning your first trip, a super successful one at that!

Where to Start...

Travel Tips

These tips will help you consider all the different factors that go into planning a trip and will improve the quality of your trips

Trip Planning Resources

The best tried and true resources I use to travel! These will make planning your trip a breeze

Travel Guides

I've done the hard work for you! My travel guides have everything you need to know about a travel destination and some even include pre made itineraries that you can just follow!