Stockholm’s largest art gallery is underground. You heard me right. You can access this art gallery by just taking the subway and stopping at different stops. Of course, Stockholm’s subway system is too large for you to stop at every single stop. And time is always of the essence. Save your time because the best way to see the art is to follow this DIY subway tour, which includes three of the best stops. All you need is this post and a subway ticket and you are ready to go. All three of the subway stops are right next to each other on the blue line so it’s a breeze to do this as a DIY tour. Kungstädgården Kungsträdgarden is a stunningly dramatic installation with vibrant colored abstract designs covering the cave. This was painted by Ulrik Samuelson in 1977. T-Centralen Artist Per Olof Ultvedt used his talents to paint the caves of T-Centralen.…