If Spain isn’t on your bucket list it needs to be added. Right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Spain is an incredibly diverse country with each city boasting it’s own unique charm. If you have the time, just go nuts and visit as many cities in Spain as possible (ugh…I’m so jealous) but if you’re a busy girl, like me, you probably don’t have unlimited time. In that case, it’s important to prioritize your list of cities to visit. Below is the list of my must visit cities in Spain.  Seville The list has to begin with Seville as that is where I left a piece of my heart during my study abroad adventures. (Read why you HAVE to study abroad here). During your trip to Seville you will have the opportunity to see the incredibly beautiful islamic influence on architecture, the third largest cathedral in the world, paddleboat down the river, frolic in the…