Stockholm blew my expectations out of the water. As soon as I got to city center, I practically donned a princess dress and crown and ran around in pure excitement. Of course, I did not do that, mostly because I'm a huge klutz and those cobblestones would have been the death of me. What I did do was have an absolutely incredible time being transported back in time and enjoying all Stockholm has to offer. If you're short on time (and lets be real, who isn't?) then follow this guide which is perfect for three days in Stockholm. 

Before You Go

Most places accept credit card but it doesn't hurt to have a little cash on hand

Stockholm isn't on the euro - they have the Swedish krona

Tipping is minimal although it's customary to round up the amount. If you're extremely pleased with service, you can leave between 5%-10%

The subway system is efficient and is a great way to get around

Where to Stay

Sodermalm is the hip district of Stockholm and is a great area to stay in with plenty to do in the district. It's easy to access old town and other key highlights of Stockholm.

This three days in Stockholm guide provides you with tips before you go on your trip, where to stay, things to do, where and what to eat, and more!
The cobblestoned steps of Gamla Stan are easily accessible from Sodermalm

Things to Do

Take a free walking tour of Gamla Stan: I always think free walking tours are a good way to orient yourself and get great recommendations from the local. Gamla Stan, the old town, is a must stop regardless. You'll be transported back in time with the cobblestone streets.

Walk through Mårten Trotzigs gränd: This is the narrowest alley in all of Stockholm at a mere 90 cm. It makes a great photo op as you walk down the 36 steps

Tour the Subway Art: Stockholm's largest and greatest art gallery is actually underground. Click here for a DIY tour of the best stops

Visit the Vasa Museum: I'll be honest we were a little museum-ed out by the time we made it to Stockholm so we did skip this museum. I know, I can hear the collective gasps. This is the popular girl that everyone wants to get a date with of the museum world. The Vasa ship capsized and sank in Stockholm in 1628. This is the only preserved 17th century ship in the world.

Partake in Fika: Swedes have a custom that is basically a social break with coffee and cake. It encourages you to spend time with someone else while enjoying a delicious treat. An excuse to eat cake? You best believe I participated in Fika every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. Plus, it just sounds cool to say "fika"

Areas to walk around and explore:

Sodermalm: Voted the coolest and hippest area of Stockholm. Home to some great bars and restaurants!

Ostermalm: Affluent area of Stockholm with beautiful houses and some great shopping

Gamla Stan: Iconic old town and is one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centers in Europe.

Food to Try

Chutney: I would eat at this place every single day. If you are looking for a no frills restaurant that is quite easy on the wallet, this one is for you. Did I mention it's vegan? But don't let that scare you off, you carnivore you, their food is extremely hearty and filling and the best part is you can go back for seconds or thirds or fourths! And trust me, we did.

Herman's: Another fantastic vegan option that is perfect for lunch. The restaurant overlooks the water so you have a stunning view while you eat. It's a buffet with unlimited tea and coffee and their food is flavorful with a ton of different options to satisfy any palate. 

Falafelbaren: I am a lover of all things falafel and this spot definitely does not disappoint. They have a falafel wrap with double cheese that had me practically weak at the knees. It's a casual spot but it's located in an  awesome neighborhood. Definitely take some time to explore the surrounding streets. It's also located right next to a wine and cheese bar

Greasy Spoon: The perfect spot for brunch. I still have dreams about their pistachio blueberry pancakes. You have to order them.

Espresso House: This is a coffee chain so if you're like me and not a lover of chains, this might not make your original list. However, they do have some bomb coffees and some really fun flavors and a good assortment of pastries. Plus there is free wifi so it's a good place to catch up on your blogging or stalk that ex of yours on Facebook.

Sundbergs Konditori: This is the oldest bakery in Stockholm, established in 1785, and right in the heart of Gamla Stan. Go ahead and stop for a delicious fika. Trust me, you deserve it.

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    • Priyanka Reply

      I’m glad it’s on your list! I hope you get to travel there soon!

  1. I have never been to Stockholm but it sounds great! I’m definitely going to look into going for a weekend break after reading this. I like the sound of Fika, the narrow streets look awesome and would love to hang out in Sodermalm!

    • Priyanka Reply

      I continue to practice Fika back home 🙂 Any excuse for something sweet. I hope you’re able to make it to Stockholm!

    • Priyanka Reply

      Thanks Lisa! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Def add Stockholm to your list 🙂

  2. Found your post on the skimbassador page and checked out your blog! I LOVE it! Hope we can chat about travels soon! Thanks for the tips (and the great pics)

    • Priyanka Reply

      I’m so glad you like it! I’d love to chat about travels <3

  3. Stockholm is my favorite city in Europe. Its so perfect! I have been going to Stockholm at least a dozen times since 2014. I always find something new and awesome. Great post! I haven’t done some of the things you suggested yet.

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